Is there a way to sync Finder's tag to DEVONthink

I am using the Mac. I’ve create a hot folder, where files will be automatically imported into DEVONthink think.

I am trying to set up some Smart Rules that routes the files to different DEVONthink database or group. The rules will be based on the tag of the file. However, when I add a tag through Finder (e.g. I can add a tag through the Print to PDF dialog), the tag is not used by DEVONthink.

Is it the only way to add DEVONthink is to add it in DEVONthink? Any workaround?

Update to DEVONthink 3.8 and try again.

I’ve verified the version is 3.8.

What exactly do you use to make a folder a „hot folder“? A folder action script, e.g. DEVONthink - Import.scpt? I tested this script and it imports the file with tags.

Did you maybe enable the hidden preference DisableFinderTags?

I don’t know what I did but somehow it works now. Thanks for the advises.