Is there a way to systematically change the file paths of all replicants in an indexed folder to that folder

I think I converted a lot of duplicates to replicants but the file path is not what I want. For example I want all my downloads in the downloads folder and I want to replicate those to other locations from there to keep everything in one folder on Finder, but now the replicants’ file path are elsewhere.
So is there a way to select all items in a folder and make that the parent for the file to have all those items restored to the right folder in Finder.
I could not find a relevant thread existing in the discourse.
I appreciate the support.

Could you give more specific informations?

For example, you “think you converted a lot of duplicates to replicants”—what exactly did you do?

And what are these different locations you are talking about—all folders in the Finder, no groups in a DEVONthink database?

The reason I’m asking for this is in DT you can only replicate items inside of the same database. And outside of DT, in indexed Finder folders, you can only replicate to other Finder folders. (And the replicants would not be visible in the Finder, only in DT.) If you try to replicate between databases or between a database and a Finder folder the replicants become duplicates. Which would explain the different file paths.

Examples of right and wrong file paths would be helpful too.