Is there an action log?


I just moved a folder to a wrong location. As this was only one part of some mass movements I cannot find the wrong one again.
How can I find out my last actions to finde the wrong action. Is there an action log ?


There’s no such log. Do you remember the name of the group? You could also use a search like “kind:group modificationDate:Today” (without quotes) as the modification date of the destination groups is touched after moving.

The modification date is not getting touched if you move a folder f.e. from a database root to another database root. But thank you for the hint… I was able to find all the files with a global search on the dates “added” and “modified”. :grinning:

But maybe this would be a nice feature if there would be simple log just for the last 100 actions. In my case the undo button is often greyed out and then the last actions would be a nice helping feature.

If so, it would be helpful if that log was optional. I wouldn’t want to lose track of a major modification in the midst of a log covering a flurry minor “move to” activities.

Hmm, I thought of a log / txt file. As this would be new at all I cannot see why you would lose track of something if you don’t need or use that at all :thinking: