Is there an option to make the info-panel not float?

I’m looking for a way to make the info panel stop floating in front of the other DT windows. (I’d also like the option to make the Activity Window always float in front.)

Sometimes I want the info panel floating, but sometimes it feels like I’m having to use the keyboard to make it come and go every minute or so. I’d rather its floating behaviour be configurable.

This didn’t use to bother me but I switched my monitors around and now the “spot” I use to tuck the DT info panel in isn’t convenient, so it often floats in front of my main DT window annoyingly.

You cannot turn off floating for Show Info, but you can toggle visibility with the shortcut ⇧⌘I

Nor can you float Activity, but you can toggle visibility with its shortcut ^⌘A

Ah well, I’ll vote for those options in the future.