Is there an update coming anytime soon?

I’ve used DT on and off for several years for work, and just recently moved my personal files into it. I really like the software, but it feels so dated. The UI has not kept up with the Mac OS, and other apps like Keep It seem so much fresher.

Is there an update in the works? If so, any idea when it might come out?

I really support DT and would like to encourage others to switch to it, but without an update, I feel like I can’t do that.

Does DEVONthink not do the job for you – or is it merely not “modern” enough? Personally, in an app that I use 10 hours/day every day, I’d rather have productivity than pretty, but that’s just me 8)

The “update” topic is discussed frequently here – and answered frequently by DEVONthink staff in the forum and in their corporate blog. Short story: change is in the works, and change takes time.

Using new versions of software is fun, and often expands what you can accomplish.

Perhaps the DT creators should focus more on smaller, incremental releases rather than a larger release? Or at least work the larger releases in parallel with the smaller, incremental releases.

I guess I’m just frustrated because I like this software, but when I don’t see signs of progress, I start to doubt whether the company is sound and I start to shift my attention elsewhere. I would hate to lose DT.

@Alligator: We put out more updates than many software companies and have been around longer than most as well (16+ years and still going).

I don’t disagree that there is an element of “fun”, but we are not developing to amuse people. Development - good development - is serious business and not a simple thing. Not only do we have to spend time and effort implementing things, but we also need to cyclically test and fix things to ensure they’re sound, in operation and stability.

We also release updates on our schedule, accomplishing as much as possible within a reasonable period of time. We do not make small, incremental releases unless there is a critical need requiring a hotfix update (a rare event).

DevonThink often release updates, I don’t why you think they don’t. The updates sometimes they come with little new features but most importantly performance and stability and those are more important.

Do I want a modern UI? Who wouldn’t? I love apps with modern look. Do I want big updates and big features? Yeah sure I would, everybody would like that. Even they themselves want to. KEEP in mind that DevonThink is small company with little employees. Big updates and Big changes come slow.

There is NO other app like DevonThink out there. There are similar out there but don’t even come close.(in terms of long standing, useful features, and performance wise, always updating to keep it running smoothly)

If this was an American Company they would have gone subscription long time ago and would have charged you who nows how much.

I have tested the Keep It App. They are 5 YEARS behind (performance, critical features) compared to DevonThink. The only good thing about them is the fact that UI is “modern” that’s it.

I preferred an App that I can work with. That has most of the features I need, that work flawlessly, the team always updating it to keep it running smoothly. Again they do implement little features now and then.
Whats the point of having a lamborghini with a Ford engine? That breaks down every year.

What I like about DevonThink is the fact that when they put out updates/upgrades or implement features big or small they do it right. This takes time and takes a lot of work.

Instead of thinking about just ‘us’ let’s think about them, compliment them, give them encouragement PERHAPS THAT WILL make them enthusiastic about making updates to the old UI.

Personally this old chestnut of a question is getting boring! So many apps, unlike DEVONthink, put style over substance and are the lesser for it. Korm is so right when he says “I’d rather have productivity than pretty”.

Personally, I think It is more productive to make more specific suggestions to enhance the info management capability of DT/DTP/DTPO than to compare how other programs are prettier or more trendy than DT.
However, one cannot ignore the fact that there are also users/customers who make purchase/upgrade decisions based merely on their first impressions/perceptions. Whether a high functional program must also be pretty/sexy to maintain a balanced relationship between user base and pricing (revenue = #users x price) for continuing the momentum of development is going to be a judgement/decision to be made by the developer.

This is a recurrent question that is often asked. It is disappointing that posts such as this always attract pushback.

The reason lots of people ask this question is that maybe it is a valid point. Rather than pushing back, perhaps accept it as positive feedback.