Is there any example of a index note in the slipbox system in DevonThink3

Hi, there,
I’m having trouble understanding the index note thing.

According to Taking Smart Notes with DevonThink, index notes serve as the portal to other paralleled notes. I do understand the wiki-link and item-link thing, but I just get confused how do I see all the links related to that “portal”. Suppose I create a markdown note file called “story”, and there is another file linked to it through item-link. Then, I come up with 2 solutions:

  1. There is a magical way to show this note in the “Story” file, so once I open the file, there is a link inside to go to the other note.
  2. There is a tab/place in the inspector where I can see all the files connected to “Story”, but I haven’t managed to find.

Or is there anything else I missed in the app do the same function? Thank you a lot.

For an actual index note, there’s Tools > Create Table of Contents
I use a script to generate a ToC note for projects, based on a project-id tag

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Have you looked at the Document > Links inspector?