Is there anyway to correct the OCRed text (PDF + text)?

I’m not looking to correct a whole document, but when the key words in a document are read incorrectly, it would be really nice if I could correct them. Especially since we are still waiting for tags :confused:

Is there any way to do this using the facilities of DTO?

While I’m at it let me tell you that in largest part, I am quite impressed by this product. :smiley: :smiley: However, I am not using this for academic research.

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In Mehlem

Are you referring to a document’s metadata field with the name “Keywords”? The Tools > Show Properties panel enables editing of these for PDFs.

If you are referring to errors of text conversion within the document content, perhaps the simplest approach is to add corrected terms to the Content field in the document’s Info panel.

Those tricks work.

My thanks to both of you.

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Sorry I don’t understand the solution.
I test DTPO_2

I think the problem was:

There is a not readable pdf.
I use in DTPO the function > Import "Bilddateien (mit Texterkennung)

Then I get a pdf+text, right ?

If there is a wrong word in this document, let me say “bal” instead “ball” I should use in menu > tool > attribute > on ?

And then ??? Don’t understand solutions of korm and bill


Bill can speak for his suggestion - here’s some help on mine

Werkzeuge > Eigenschaften einblenden displays a panel on which you may change metadata (e.g., keywords) which is data about the document but not data in the document.


Now I understand :wink:
I store NEW words in the cell Keywords = Schlagwörter.
So I cannot correct wrong words ?!

Can I transfer the new pdf+text document to an other user and is it than readable ?