Is there still a limit of 150 hours on the DT Pro trial?

… or is it a full 30 days? The notice in the upper left corner of the main window lists the number of days remaining, but doesn’t mention hours. I ask because I’m been leaving DT open on my machine most of the day even though I’m playing with it – um, I mean, working with it – for about 2-3 hours a day, at most. Thanks.

Answered on the DEVONtechnologies web site:

30 days or 150 non-consecutive hours (30 hours for DEVONagent), whichever is longer. So even when you used up the non-consecutive hours, you’ll always have 30 days to test. And if you didn’t find the time for testing, you should have many hours left even after the 30 days.

DEVONtechnologies | Questions and Answers under “Can i get a Trial Time extension?”


@rmschne is correct. Don’t leave DEVONthink running idle if you want to preserve the trial time.

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Thank you, rmschne. I thought I had read the opposite somewhere else. So during the trial I have an interest in closing DT when I’m not messing with it.

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I’m approaching the end of my trial. A day or so ago the “time remaining” switched from days to hours. I’ve been very careful to close DTP when I’m not using it, so as to prolong the trial. But I’m pretty sure that the trial time is decreasing even overnight when my computer is shut down.

That’s OK. Thirty days is pretty generous, actually. But unless I’m missing something, I think the clock starts when you first launch the app and must keep running with the rotation of the Earth.

There are actually two countdowns - 150 hours of runtime and 30 days since the first launch. Whatever lasts longer. Therefore it’s indeed possible that the time decreases overnight in your case.

OK, thanks, cgrunenberg. I believe that’s been explained to me before, but it didn’t really sink in until it became more relevant (as in “Buy Now! – 48 Hours Left.”)