Is this group a "smart group"?

Hi, all

I have a (peharps stupid) question: My DTPro database contains many groups/folders. Some of them are “smart”, some other are not. Is there a way to distinguish between the smarts and the non-smarts?
(what I do is the following: choose an item in the group, move it outside the group. Close and open the group/folder, and check wether the moved item has been replicated in the group(’:?’)). Is there a better way to do that?



What makes a group “smart” is that it has a script attached to it. Check the info panel for any group (Tools/Show Info) and see if a script is attached in the “Script:” box. If there isn’t, it’s not a smart group; if there is, the attached script is the Smart Group’s “brain”, as it were.


Thanks, Eiron (I should have had a look at the info panel before posting this question (‘:oops:’)).