Is this possible ?


i would like to know if the following would be possible ?

I am scanning multiple contracts every day as PDF and make them searchable.

After that , i import them into Devonthink , i split them up manually , and i rename them manually.

Is it possible to automate Devonthink in a way , that it recognizes the pagenumbers on the document. , 1,2,3,4, 1,2,3, etc… and that it splits automatically if Page 1 is up again. Same is , is it possible to rename automatically a file with a Value that is found within the PDF , and is always in the same place on the document ?

Thanks in advance

What scanner are you using? The ScanSnap scanners can be configured to split documents every n pages. (See here for an example). If your contracts are not all the same length, then pad them with blank pages before scanning.