Is this type of workflow possible?

I’m curious if it’s possible to set up the following workflow and, if so, what the simplest method of achieving it would be. What do you think?

Summary: I’d like to have a markdown note created every day automatically within DT that will have item links added to it throughout the day (possibly each with a timestamp before or after, e.g. [Time Stamp] then link) of the items that I captured and tagged with To Read or To Watch

First: I’d like to have a markdown text page with the date (YYYY_MM_DD) created automatically in DevonThink every day in two folders (groups) I have indexed within DT.
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Next: I’d like to add item links automatically - preferably with a time stamp by it but not necessary, each day to one or the other folder (To Read or To Watch) on the correct daily created markdown note based on the following:

  1. Every time an item is tagged with X tag (ToRead), I’d have a Smart Rule put the item in the X Group (To Read)
  2. For every item that was moved in Step 1, copy the item link to the correct (To Read or To Watch) markdown note for the day.

I have a daily note created each morning from a template
(a planner/journal/dashboard note)
This is performed by an applescript which also customizes title, tags, etc

This could be triggered by a Devonthink reminder, but I found this unreliable
Instead, I use Keyboard Maestro for scheduling

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Are you adding thes files to one database or multiple databases?

One. Everything starts out in the Inbox and then gets moved to “To Read” or “To Watch”.

And you want a Markdown document and the files in the To groups?
Why both?