Issue (bug?) with sheets and column order


I am encountering an issue (or maybe I should call it a bug?) using sheets in DEVONthink Pro Office. I created a sheet with 4 columns and after populating it with some records, I realized I wanted to add two additional columns.

I want to change the column order to place one of the new columns as the first (left-most) column, but every time I close the data window the column order resets. What happens is that any column that was added after the sheet was created just goes to the far right reflecting when the column was added to the sheet.

I’ve tried to reorder the columns both within the main window (three pane mode), or when the sheet is opened as a separate window, but the behaviour is the same in both.



Right-click the display of the sheet and choose Edit Columns. Drag and drop to reorder them. This should persist.