Issue > Importing one email leads to importing the WHOLE mbox and 1000+ TAGS!

Dear All, this has happened 3 times so far. The apple mail plug in is active, I execute the command in apple mail to import a selected mail and without noticing the whole process DTP imports the entire mailbox. Per se not a full problem if it was not for the fact of the creation of THOUSANDS of tags which I do no use really and which make searching with TAGS painful at the end. What is the remedy ? And what is the remedy to eliminate all the non useful tags? The last time it took me 45 minutes to cancel all of them idividually. There must be a quicker way…I am running catalina 10.15.5 and DT 3.5

  • Are you using MailTags?
    If not, there are no tags associated with emails so something else would have to be going on.

  • Are you using RSS feeds?
    If so, do you have Preferences > RSS > Convert categories and hashtags to tags enabled?

Indeed bluefrog, the prefs where set as you said. I changed that but is there a way to:
a) correct the issue . I was importing 1 email and DT imported the whole GMAIL account
b) can I now eliminate rapidly the whole list of tags created through the RSS prefs ?
By the way, I like that pref because I also manage RSS so for their classification…

A. How did you do the import?
B. You can delete Tags by selecting the Tags group for a database, selecting tags in the item list, then pressing Command-Delete.

Does disabling the option to import complete conversations (see Preferences > Email) fix this?