Issue with Background of PDFs failing to Redraw in 2.21

Sorry if this has been addressed. I could find no mention of it in the forum.
It seems that in the latest version of DTPro, when i switch from an RTF to a PDF file, the background fails to redraw to the usual grey BG for pdfs. The result is that the pdf is superimposed over the previous RTF file in the main window.

Hope that makes sense.

DTpro 2.21 - OSX 10.7 - Imac 27inch 2010 2.93ghz i7

Thank you for the feedback! However, I couldn’t reproduce this so far and it’s the first report of its kind. Has been anything logged to the system console? Which view do you use? Did you check Preferences > Media and the background colors? Thanks in advance!

No system log I’m afraid. It occurs in both split and three-pane views, widescreen and regular width. Yes I had checked and changed Media/background colors but to no effect.It happens about 50% of the time and sometimes I get 3 or more superimposed images at once - because i’ve switched to progressively smaller pdfs. I’ve attached a screen shot of a PDF (Can machines be conscious) superimposed over a rich text article (Williams Syndrome).
Hope that helps.

Thank you for the screenshot! Do you use any third-pary add-ons that might cause troubles (e.g. SIMBL plugins, color pickers, input managers, Internet plugins etc.)? Are you able to reproduce this using a new, clean user account? Or could you send an example document to cgrunenberg - at - Thanks!

No difference in fresh user or safemode. I’ve sent a sample file.

I was able to reproduce the issue and version 2.2.2 will fix this glitch.