Issue With Bonjour Syncing Stopping/Never Completing

I’m seeing an issue in the latest version (2.9.10 on Mac) of DTPRO with syncing a database via Bonjour with an iPad. Specifically the Bonjour sync starts no problem but when the iPad goes to sleep, rather than continuing the sync in the background it cuts the sync connect and never finishes. Similarly when then looking at the database on the iPad, even if 10k files have been synced (before the iPad went to sleep), none appear in the app presumably as the full sync never finished.

Not sure what is causing this not to continue the sync, anyone else seeing this issue and have a fix ?

Thanks so much

DEVONthink To Go 2 will not Sync when the device is sleeping. Also, the database will not incrementally fill up.

So you don’t get a timeout but the sync simply stalls?

Hello, I have this problem of bonjour not completing the sync with my Global Inbox too. The iPhone SE always goes to sleep cutting the 30k files from syncing with the iPhone. The app isn’t functional for me because of this. I obviously don’t want to sync this many files. Is there a way to sync selected groups instead of Global Inbox? I’m still not clear on using bonjour. I created the Dropbox store, assigned a password for encryption but it isn’t stable for me. I can’t say I’m using the app yet. Looking for instructions. Thanks in advance

No, you cannot Sync a partial database.

What’s “not stable” ?