Issue with copying & pasting into RTF document

A small issue has just cropped up for me that I would appreciate some assistance with.

I’m in the process of transferring small sections of text from large .doc files into individual .rtf files within DTPO. To do so I am copying the text from the .doc file (Cmd>c), creating a new .rtf file in DTPO, and then pasting the text (Cmd>v). I have done this a few hundred times in the last week or so with no issue. In the past hour, however, for some reason the last paragraph (and the last paragraph only) of the text pasted into the .rtf file is showing as italicised. These sections of text are not italicised in the .doc file.

I have quit and restarted both DTPO and Word, but to no avail. Is there something else that I can try to ensure that the text is not italicised when pasted?

Issue seems to have resolved itself, so please ignore. It may have been something to do with the formatting in the .doc file.