Issue with rules in Smart Group


I’ve created a Smart Rule: it looks inside a specific group and excludes files with any of 3 tags.
The problem is: it still shows files with those tags.

What’s wrong?

I attach the screenshots.

Where? I believe I know why but you have not posted a screen capture showing the matches.

You need All of the following are true.

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Indeed, All is a better idea here. But I think there’s more to the story. However, only a screen capture will make that clear :slight_smile:

Can you please detail your request?
I attach a screenshot here: is it enough?

Please note that all the files and groups are under the same Database, that is “3. Resources”.

In the rules I’ve selected “any” because I need to exclude files that have one of those tags (each file has one of them, as each tag refer to a stage of my content production workflow).

My goal for that Smart Group is: show all the files inside the group “00 Articoli drafts” that doesn’t have one of these 3 tags.

I doubt that.

You get confused by the negation. If you wanted a Smart Group that includes files which have any of the three tags you’d go for Any. Any is a logical Or: IF (tag A OR tag B OR tag 3). The condition is true if the file has at least one of the tags.

You want the opposite for your Smart Group: IF NOT (tag A OR tag B OR tag 3).

But the problem is that IF NOT… in DEVONthink’s Smart Rule nomenclature would be: Any of the following are not true. Or in better English: None of the following are true. But neither is an option.

That means the negation has to move into the bracket: IF (NOT tag A AND NOT tag B AND NOT tag C). The condition is only true if the file has none of the three tags. All is the logical AND.

Short version: You need All of the following are true.


It work, thank you very much!

Seems a bit counter intuitive for me, but it’s ok. I’ve learned something new about DT, that I appreciate more and more as I go deep.

If I remember correctly there had been a request for None as a third option beside All and Any. Could have very well been my own request.

Very good translation of DT‘s „natural language“ to sound logic!