Issue with scanning into DevonThink Pro Office


I’m using a ScanSnap S510M and scanning straight into DT Pro Office 2.0pb4.

However, I have having the following issues with the settings in Preferences > Import:

  • When ‘Global inbox’ is set as the destination, nothing appears here but instead it goes into the selected database, but not in its inbox. Instead, it has to be found using ‘Today’ (and doesn’t appear in bold) and moved into the inbox. However, if ‘Global inbox’ is selected, the above works.

  • When ‘Select Group’ is set as the destination, similar behaviour occurs. The file ends up in the selected database and in no group, instead of the chosen destination.

The only working setting is ‘Inbox of current database’.

Also, when a document is moved from the Global Inbox into a database, it is copied and remains in the Global Inbox.

Kind regards

There is a glitch in pb4 where, when you select the Global Inbox as the destination, the scanned document can end up anywhere if you have a database open. This has been fixed for pb5. In the meantime, you can use the other two import destination options as a reliable alternative.

Hi Annard

Thanks for your response. For me, the ‘Select Group’ setting isn’t working as it should either.

Kind regards

The next release fixes all these.