Issue with Spotlight and DT2

Hi there

Not sure where to post the DT2 issues, but I picked up one recently when using spotlight searches. (could not see a reference to this issue in the upgrade guide supplied with DT2) If I do a search for something like “Certificate” for example, it comes back with Devonthink filenames which are just random numbers so there is no way to make sense of them in the search results. If I open one of them, then it appears correctly in the search results the next time.

Is this an issue with Spotlight reindexing, or is this a problem with DevonThink?



You have “Show all file extensions” enabled for the Finder, don’t you? That causes the problem, IIRC.

Nope, set to localised display name.

Maybe there are two Metadata caches on your machine, one for DT1, one for DT2.

I had a few oddities yesterday. So I backed up the DT1 stuff, then

  • deleted ~Library/Caches/Metadata/DevonThink Pro
  • made sure the new DT2 databases were checked for Spotlight indexing (in File > Database Properties)
  • Forced Spotlight to reindex the drive.

No problems since, so far.

I just started using DT2 demo and I ran into this.

I scanned a document, then deleted it, then scanned it again, both with the same name.

I then emptied the DT trash.

Now when I search for a word in the document, I see two hits, Fred - 9 and Fred - 0.

The caches DT creates were not properly updated.

Rebuilding the database resolved the issue, but after 2 scans, DT should not get out of whack so easily :slight_smile: