Issue with Tags and Smart Folders

Has anyone had an issue with Tags and Smart Folders? I’m having the following problem:

I’ve tagged a whole bunch of files in one smart folder with the tag “XXXXX” (so that I know I’ve looked at them). I then tried to edit the smart folder so that it wouldn’t return these already-viewed files by including the search command Tag is NOT XXXXX — I also tried Tag is NOT “XXXXX”. But nothing seemed to change in the smart folder; there was no purging of the previously viewed-and-tagged files.

Any ideas as to why this didn’t work?

Thanks in advance…

this is not yet supported but will be in a future release.

You might want to put that fact in the help manual – it says the Smart Group Editor can use all Boolean operators. I just spent 40 minutes trying to figure out why I could get a NOT tagged search to work.