Issues tagging from browser?

I use chrome to download PDFs to my DevonThink Global Inbox. When the chrome “Save As” box pops up I put tags in, but then they disappear when it gets to the inbox. is there a setting i need to activate in either chrome or DT to preserve tags when saving from the browser?

Welcome @julia23

No there is no such setting.
Do you see the same behavior in Safari’s captures?

Are you using DEVONthink’s “Clip to DEVONthink” extension for Chrome? Using that will retain tags into DEVONthink.

From what you say, it doesn’t seem so. I also don’t see a “Save As” in Chrome. I see Menu: File → Save Page As …, though.

See page 72 of the 3.8.4 version of the outstanding “DEVONthink Manual” for info on Browser Extensions.

Do files saved to the desktop that way have the desired tags?