Issues with organising databases

Today I am attempting to reorganise my documents across different databases.
I want to do this so that each database is related to a single topic.

Unfortunately it will not let me move certain files from one database to another.
One of the error messages in log is just ‘Failed’.

and the other is UUID already in database.
Which makes no sense because the database is new.

Any advice on how to troubleshoot and get past these issues?

Kind Regards,

How much disk space is still available on the new database’s volume?

One possibility is that the old database contained already multiple items with the same UUID, e.g. after importing the same emails multiple times using older versions of DEVONthink. A verification of the database should report an error (or should have reported at least)

Thank you for the reply.

The MacintoshHD has 109gb remaining on the drive and the file is stored in /Users/dan/Storage/Documents/DevonThink/.

I ran the repair on all databases and the main database noted that 96 are missing[1]. Which is very troubling as it doesn’t list which files are missing.
I don’t see why any files would be missing.
Attempting repair just displayed a generic repair failed dialog box.

Every other database verified successfully.

[1]: Full error message: “Found 0 inconsistencies, 0 incorrect checksums, 96 missing and 0 orphaned files.”

Missing files are listed in Window > Log. You can right-click entries in this window and Reveal or Move them to the Trash. Note: The Trash is still a location in a database, so missing files will be reported there until you empty the database’s Trash.

Thank you for your help.

I have removed the missing files from the database and the verification is now successful.

I managed to fix the UUID issue. Since the issues was on a group, I just made a new group and moved the files across into it.
It moved to the new database successfully.

I am still having issues with moving other files to a different database.
The log lists a few files with and error message of ‘Failed’.

What kind of files did you try to move? Are you able to successfully verify both the source and the destination database?

All sorts of files.
Mostly textfiles, emails, pdf, numbers and omnioutliner files.

Numbers and outliner files are bundles so they are technically directories.

They are not treated as directories, in DEVONthink or the Finder.

Is there anything special about these files? E.g. very long filenames? Or did you check the permissions of these files? Finally, is the destination database located on the same volume?