Issues with smart groups within database


I did some searching of the forums on this, and only seemed to dig up old posts from the days when the smart groups were still new (and in beta?). Nonetheless, I seem to still see some similar issues, but I am hoping there may be some workarounds or solutions:

I would like to use smart groups in my general databases and for my RSS feeds. For the latter:

  • in contrast to the new behavior of normal groups, the smart groups seem to include the RSS feed ‘folders’ in their item counts (shown between parentheses). So sometimes it says there are four items in the SG, but this is actually one item each in two different RSS feeds. Aside from this there are also a few instances where these counts don’t seem to add up. Furthermore, it seems you have to click on the SG to sometimes even see or update the item count. Is there a way to update multiple SGs at once?

  • One funny thing is how you don’t get item counts if you specify the ‘kind’ in the smart search. I noticed that this was discussed back in 2009 or so. Is it still not possible to get an item count to show up?

  • Another striking issue is that I don’t seem to get these smart folders to reveal whether or not (or how many) unread items there are, unlike normal folder that turn bold AND show the unread item count. I suppose that I could make separate smart groups that selectively show only unread items, but I would like to be able to see the read and unread entries both, without making two sets of smart groups…

Are these things possible with the smart groups now? It seems like some of this was a known issue back in the day.


PS. It seems that the smart groups in the side bar work differently, but I like the idea of ‘integrating’ these kinds of smart folders in my database structure itself, but was a bit surprised to not the differences in behavior between the SGs and the ‘normal’ groups, making this use less convenient.

I too have just come across this problem: new smart groups with “Kind = any document” suddenly do not show the number. Take away this criterion and the number appears.

I say suddenly, because smart groups with this criterion that I created only two days ago do show the number… yet ones I created yesterday don’t. This is a bit odd!

I didn’t make any changes to DTPO in the interim.