Issues with "state" column in 3-panes view

I use the 3-panes view as my default home screen. Most of the things I add to my database come in via the inbox of my currently open database. To sort the excellent from the average I find it useful to mark the excellent pieces as flagged. To do so means that I have to show the “state” column.

That’s fine, it works well for the many items in my upper right hand pane. But in the 3-panes view when the “state” column is visible it also creates a totally unnecessary and unneeded state column in my main sidebar. There may be times when it is useful to have such a column, but most of the time it takes up extra screen real estate that I do not want to give up to this purpose.

It must surely be possible to configure the state column in the sidebar separately from the 3-panes view as a whole. Can I please request that change in the next update.

This would get my vote also. I primarily use a label as a flag because I too don’t want to see the State column in the Groups pane of the Three Pane view.

It’s also been too easy for me to accidentally click in the State column when intending to select the item, in any view, but I’m slowly breaking that habit. :slight_smile:

This can be undone of course.

Sure, but my goal is to stop making it an unintended click target. :slight_smile: