Issues with Synchronizer

I’ve been a happy DTPO user for a long time and am running it on my office desktop and my MacBook Air. There have been no problems of any consequence except for an ongoing issue with the synchronizer.

I have three databases on my office machine but keep only one of them on the laptop. My usage consists of working with the desktop all week, then syncing the one db with the laptop, and taking it home for weekend work. Then Monday I re-sync with the office machine to upload corrected files and new ones I have created. That is my goal, though it only works part of the time.

The connection is made ok, but then I get the ‘over 10% of files will change’ message, which is never the case. I rarely change or add more than a handful of files. If I re-initiate the sync, then it appears to proceed normally. Moreover, many times the newer files on the laptop refuse to overwrite the older (same name) files on the desktop. I periodically make a full copy of the database and write it on the laptop, and things seem to work for a short while, then the problems begin anew.

What am I doing wrong?

Since I see very few comments regarding sync issues, I suspect I’m in the minority and my problem may be self-induced. I would appreciate a fool-proof 1-2-3 method of initiating syncs that will do as they should, or as I want them to do. Or maybe sync is broken and I’m the only person trying to use it?



Your usage scenario seems ideal for using a portable hard drive to move the single database from your desktop to your laptop on Friday, and then from your laptop to your desktop on Monday. Online syncing seems to cause problems for some users and it seems to me that it is best avoided, especially for a user like you who has only one database to sync, and syncs only twice a week.

I know that doesn’t answer your original question, it’s more of a suggestion! Hope you have some luck in solving the issue.

I beg – with tears in my eyes – users with sync issues to open a support ticket so I can help you directly.

Nathan, cry no more… I’m opening a ticket to hopefully resolve this problem.

I have tried using a portable drive but just found it plain unhandy. I would much prefer being able to use the sync feature as designed, with no extra hardware involved.


Just an FYI - Sync isn’t designed just for cloud purposes. Network syncing has its problems and is no cure-all. Local Syncs (and proper backups) are faster, more controlled, and generally way more reliable.

You have to remember to take your keys and wallet when you leave the house. (And I’m sure you’d go nowhere without your phone.) It’s no different than having to keep the habit of carrying a portable drive. Maybe you should check these out: You may not have to take the flash drive out of your pocket.


Is the laptop on the same office LAN as your desktop? (I assume so – since you are syncing with it). So, perhaps you could share the laptop drive, and use the desktop’s DEVONthink client to open that laptop database. Databases do not have to be on the same drive as the client – I frequently open databases across the LAN without issues. (Assuming it is a fast Ethernet LAN.)