Issues with viewing PDF notes after update to High Sierra


I just signed up to the forum in the hope of getting feedback on an issue I’m encountering with Devonthink Pro.

After updating my Mac OS to High Sierra, I have some difficulty viewing annotations to pdf’s (in the form of yellow notes). I attached a screen shot to illustrate the problem. Basically, I used to be able to click on the yellow ‘Note’ symbol and then the text would appear in a sidebar on the left. Now I click on it and nothing happens. I also didn’t see the first bits of text before, it was just the icon there.

I can still access and modify the text by double-clicking the document so it opens in a new window, then choose the ‘Note’ function and double-click on the symbol. Doing this, the regular note feature opens, where I can view and modify the text. But that seems to be the only way right now to even just view what I have written.

I’m thinking about deinstalling Devonthink, re-installing it, and then import my databases manually. Unless of course this is a known bug that’s not fixed yet, or if it requires a different kind of solution.

Any help is greatly appreciated!

This is a known issue and limitation of Apple’s new PDFKit (from Sierra forward). There isn’t a workaround on it at this time.

Ok, then I don’t even have to bother trying anything myself. I hope Apple will fix this soon.

Thanks for the help!