Item count math

DTPO 2.6.1

I’m not sure how the item count math works in this sample Smart Group.

The predicate for the Smart Group is “instance is indexed AND instance is replicant”.

In the second group shown, there are actually 14 items contained, not 15. There are 5 in the first group, as mentioned, but for the top level count 5 + 15 would be 20 (although it should be 5 + 14). The Smart Group is not reporting any different counts than I see after revealing in the database each of these groups.

My understanding is that the count will also include the group, if it meets the criteria of the smart group. Try adding Kind>Is Not>Group to your criteria and see if the count drops from 15 to 14.

I believe the total count is calculated on the number of unique occurrences in the list. In your example, I would speculate that the items contained in the group count of ‘5’ also appear in the group count of ‘15’, thus resulting in a total count of 15 unique items (indexed AND replicated Groups & documents).

Thanks for the recommendations Greg. Unfortunately, none of them work out as suggested. I can’t limn any logic to the counts (uniqueness, group/not group, etc., are not factors that affect the results). So, I guess the item counts are “advisory” or “targets” :laughing: