Item Icon size/ability to distinguish

With the new icons for items in DT3, my eyes are straining to distinguish among the four “two-page” style icons…indexed, duplicate, replicant, duplicate and replicant. Hard to tell the difference on the Iconology page, and if anything harder in list view. Could they be made larger, perhaps increasing proportionately with text size? This would help with all the icons, although the four mentioned are the most problematic.

IMO the icons in DT2 were easier to distinguish, for what that’s worth. (And yes, colors for dupes/reps solves the problem but to my taste makes the dupe/rep property a little too visible.)

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The request is definitely noted, but Development will have to assess this. Thanks for your patience and understanding.

Understand. A simpler change might be colored versions of the current icons…red for dupes, blue for replicants, one side red the other blue for both. Indexed could remain black. I suspect that this would minimize programming effort, but a choice seems to have been made to use monochrome icons, so that might need revisiting. Just a suggestion for some of us whose vision is a bit impaired.

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