Item in Trash gets "append" addition

I just found that, after trashing the latest item I had clipped to DTPro, a subsequent “Append” goes to that item in the Trash.

The specific circumstances were that I had 2 clipped items in DTPro and merged them, copying and pasting from one to the other, then deleted one of them which proved to be the one most recently created. So subsequent “append” actions went to that doc, although I had expected that the doc I had most recently altered, where the cursor was, would receive the append material.

This seems like an unintended consequence, perhaps something to be changed?

I would not normally have discovered what had happened, since as I mentioned in an earlier post the Append command now causes the icon to bounce, thus confirming that it has gone through. I just happened to go back to the document and then noticed it hadn’t received the additional text, so I did a search for it and discovered it in the trashed doc.

I can see that there is a “machine logic” to the way it functions, but I don’t think it corresponds to user expectations.

Thanks for bringing this up. I’ve also noticed counterintuitive results with the Append Rich Note service (which presumably is the “Append” you’re talking about) but my usage has been infrequent enough that they’ve been easy enough to manually fix and overlook.

thanks for the bug report, the next beta will fix this.

Thanks! I have a hunch that’ll fix the idiosyncrasies I’ve noticed, too.