Item is synced but its content is not (yet) downloaded

I finally updated to DTTG3 a few days ago and I have started to notice that a bunch of my files now show the cloud three dot icon the manual (p221) calls “Item is synced but its content is not (yet) downloaded.” I use iCloud (Cloudkit) to sync my devices. Almost everything was created or added via DT3 on my Mac. I have synchronized, verified and repaired, checked file integrity, and even enabled iCloud (Legacy) just in case.

Is there a way to view the file on iCloud to confirm the files are still there? It’s downloading thumbnails and metadata correctly, but the file itself remains inaccessible.

These files are small (bytes to a few MB) but won’t download. Some files are accessible, and I was a to download an 800 MB video file but not a 415 byte kb RTF or a 1 MB PDF.

The files aren’t in the sync data and the sync location is inaccessible anyways.

Are the files accessible in DEVONthink To Go?

No. They are no longer accessible from any device. :confused:

To avoid repeating advice, see the outstanding DEVONthink Manual, “TROUBLESHOOTING” Chapter, “SYNC ISSUES” starting on page 186 of the 3.8.6 PDF Version.

I’d start first with the Mac to check it actually put the sync files into Apple’s servers by Verifying. Maybe a Clean is in order. Not sure which method you are using now (CloudKit or the Legacy). FYI, as reported here, people report that they find Apple’s Cloud servers unreliable. Perhaps that is root cause for you too.

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  • Are you using a shallow sync in DEVONthink To Go?
  • Is the Legacy sync location enabled in DEVONthink To Go?

I was having trouble understanding what Clean did. To me, it reads like it deletes the server files that are missing locally. If so, that’s an issue because the only place the files are right now is iCloud, since I can’t get them to pull to any device.

I asked about verifying iCloud status because I don’t have local copies because I presumed DT3 and DTTG3 were storing them locally when I added the file.

Shallow sync, as in, only keep X number of files at a time? Yes, because in my effort to be as almost as cheap as possible, I got a 256GB model and the DB in question is about 400 GB.

I tried DTTG3 with both CloudKit and Legacy because I wasn’t sure what the last generation of DTTG used. On my phone, it just says “iCloud.”