item keywords/labels?

Will some type of item keywords (pseudo-requested as priority flags here) or labels (requested here) be in the next DT release?  As my database grows the methods I’ve been using to keep track of certain kinds of “add now, remember later” item (especially when they’re in larger and/or multiple groups) are becoming increasingly awkward.  Searching doesn’t work because there’s nothing in common that matches all the items of interest and I don’t want to rely on groups as a common attribute.  That leaves comments, and their weaknesses have already been discussed.

I’m curious if any upcoming 1.x changes are related to that since I remember “real” metadata and “smart groups” not happening before 2.0.

I heartily second this recommendation.  This would be absolutely invaluable.  I’d personally like to use it to mark certain items as goals, to-dos, etc., integrated within the hierarchy of my file content (which are arranged by subject).  The ability to then be able to extract all of my goals from within this hierarchy would then be of great use.

DT 1.9 will support labels (one "flag" per item and using different colors of course) and DT Pro will support categories too (multiple "flags" per item possible but no colors).

That’ll be most helpful… thanks!