Item link changes?

Hi. I am putting together notes in Markdown that have links to image files, also within DT3. It seemed simpler to have a separate window with the folder with images open, so I could Copy Item Link and then just go back to the window with my MD note and paste it in. But I noticed all the links to the images were showing a broken image (with ? in the middle).

Out of curiosity, I tried not using a different DT window but instead going to the image directory in the SAME window I was writing my MD note, did a Copy Item Link on the photos I needed, and lo and behold, when I pasted it was a different item link. And it worked this time, displaying the images properly.

This is very odd to me… Aren’t Item Links supposed to be unique IDs? Why would they be different if aI have a new DT window open? That feels a little fragile…


I can’t reproduce any such issue here. Item links from a separate window are the same as when copied in the same window.

PS: Instead of copying and pasting the item link, you can just drag and drop the image into the Markdown source.

I am happy to make a screen cast to show you, if that would be helpful. That said, I can try the drag and drop method.

A screencast could be helpful. If you want to discuss this off to the side, you can open a support ticket and send the screencast with it.