Item Link Format Variations

I am starting to use item links more to link to items in my DTPO office databases. In DTTG, if I copy the item link for a document with an empty URL field, the x-devonthink-item url uses the item UUID for the url:


But if the URL field is not empty, as is the case for every email I’ve imported into DTPO using the Apple Mail plugin, I get long and unsightly item links like this:


The links work, but they’re not pretty. Is there a reason why DT doesn’t use the UUID format for every document? Is there a way to force it do so?

Many thanks!

No, you cannot force it to use a different UUID. This is required to identify emails and keep from duplicates being imported.

PS: No links - DEVONtech’s or otherwise - are made to be “pretty”. They’re made to be functional. :smiley:

So you’re saying that the monstrosity of a link IS the UUID for imported emails? That is to say, UUIDs for imported emails are not the same format as UUIDs for other documents, and that is done to keep DT in sync with Apple Mail and prevent duplicates? That’s… disappointing. I’m not looking for pretty. I’m looking for consistency. :smiley:

The info in the uuid is not a construct of our making. It is part of the metadata of the actual email and aids in the email import process.

P.S. Email messages are the only document type that uses a different item link format.