Item link from DevonThink -> Obsidian only works when copied from DTTG?

Does anyone know why this might be the case?

If I get an “item link” from DTTG, paste it into Obsidian, it’s clickable. (#1) in image

If I do the same from DT desktop, it’s not clickable. (#2) in image.

Note: the image above had links to two different items, this image shows the item link from the same item - the first from DTTG, the 2nd from Desktop.

The bottom link is raw text. It’s not a Markdown link.

  • If you have this Markdown document open in its own window, you can drag and drop items into the Markdown source to insert links.

  • You could also press Control-Command-E to opent he Link to popover while in the source of the Markdown document.

I believe this will work if both documents are open in DT. If one is in DT and another one in Obsidian, by drap&dropping obsidian actually copies the entire text of the copied file from DT.

I could not find a better way as to actually automate it with keyboard maestro - maybe this can help:


Yes, dragging and dropping in DEVONthink, not Obsidian. We have no control over their app’s behavior. :slight_smile:

I’m using a script for copying the markdown link from DT to Obsidian:

I have insert this script as button into the DT toolbar.