Item Link not Working


Every once in while I‘ve got problems with creating item links, both in iOS and macOS. I select a certain file and copy the item link into the clipboard. In the next step I paste the item link into another application and usually the link is underlined and working properly. But what can I do if the link is just plain text. How can I tell the application to go to this specific item when the link is just the words (like: x-devonthink-item://04503A56-3F3B-4125-AF2C-2…). Is there a way to manually create the link with full callback function). Maybe you can also tell me where the problem derives from because I can‘t figure out any certain pattern when or why the failure is occuring. Sometimes I have to copy the item links only once again and it‘s working, other times you hit the button 10x and it still is not working as a proper link.
Thanks in advance for any kind of advice.

That’s due to the nature of plain text - it doesn’t have any attributes like URLs. But at least on the Mac you can select the link and choose “Open URL” in the contextual menu.

Thank you very much for your immediate response. Maybe I wrote mistakeably about the problem. I am not copying „plain text“. I am copying via the share sheet the item link and somehow sometimes the link works and sometimes not. The links are then appearing in other apps (like Omnifocus, Evernote,…) just as text and e.g. not underlined and they don‘t lead me to my documents.

Unfortunately it’s fully up to the other apps to recognize links and make them clickable. DEVONthink To Go only provides the link itself.