Item link questions

I’m wondering if I can count on item links to DT working for a long time (i.e. decades), after many software updates and so forth? Or is there a risk of a change in the linking system, making previous links obsolete?

I’m also wondering if I file will always have the same link, regardless of its placement? Does the link at any point when moving around the file in a database or between databases? Will importing an indexed file change its previous item link? Will moving an imported file to an external folder change the item link? Basically asking if anything will change the item link of a file.

Lastly, I have noticed that some apps need three dashes in the link instead of two in order to work. If the link only has two dashes, it opens DT but not the file. Why is this? And is there a way to change the standard formatting of links to three dashes?

This doesn’t work (in some apps):

But this does:

Oh, and I’m also wondering if PAGE links work on the iPad? Will a link to a specific page take me to that specific page in the iPad app?

Which personal computer technology is it that’s still working - and you’re still using - decades after you acquired it? IMO, don’t bet on DEVONthink working for decades. :open_mouth:

The link is a unique identifier for that document. The document won’t have another link.

Has nothing to do with the link - it’s just the way the other (not-DEVONthink) software works.

iOS link is pretty flaky and minimal compared to OS X. The only thing you can do is try it in the app where you want to try it. If it works, excellent.