Item Link UUIDs are case-sensitive to open

I’m using an external app (AnkiWeb) to implement a spaced repetition flow with DEVONthink. My format involves linking an underlying document from DEVONthink as the “back” of the flashcard via its Item Link.

Unfortunately AnkiWeb, when inserting a URL, converts it to lower-case. DEVONthink fails to open the UUID in its lowercase form - it opens DT but doesn’t navigate to the item - which I’ve verified from terminal open command as well as a browser (works great upper-cased but not lower or mixed case)

I’m going to open a support ticket with AnkiWeb but wondering if there’s any way to workaround this in DEVONthink - or if it’s perhaps a small bug in DT and it should work to open DT’s item UUIDs in a case-insensitive way :slightly_smiling_face: The RFC for UUIDs actually dictates this (IETF RFC 4122, Section 3) –

The hexadecimal values “a” through “f” are output lower case characters and are case insensitive on input.

The next release will support this.

That’s great news, thanks @cgrunenberg! Really appreciate the responsiveness :clap: