Item Links Changing?

I had some MD files I was working on in the Global Inbox–I ran a Smart Rule on them that extracted the Item Link for each of them (a embedded AppleScript in the Smart Rule creates tasks with links back to the record). The records were then renamed to their Proposed Name by the Smart Rule and then I manually moved them This thread seems to indicate that moving should not change the UUID to an indexed location in a database.

Now, the Item links are different on every one of those records.

Is this expected behavior?

How are you verifying the item links for the moved files?

I browsed to the file, copied the item link and pasted it in a document, then copied the item link out of the to do item made by the script in the Smart Rule and they are different.

Two examples. The top link in each case the link that was copied out by the Smart Rule, the bottom is the current link.

I discovered it when I clicked the link in the to do, and DT would get focus, but nothing would open.

How were the files moved?

I’m seeing no issue with the UUID of an imported file moved to an indexed group changing.

Command-click to select all of them. Right-click, then chose Move in the contextual menu, then selected the indexed folder in the database.

It impacted all the records I moved yesterday.

I’ve had situations in the past where the occasional Item Links that I saved were later invalid…but I had always assumed it was something I had done.

This time I realized it with the hour and so was able to verify.

I’ll try to recreate over the weekend.

Yes, if you can consistently reproduce this, let us know.

Ugh (or, oh, good)! I’ve been trying all morning to recreate the issue with no success–the Item Links are staying stable…

It was just that batch from that day…gonna blame it on solar flares, or gremlins, for now.

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