Item Links In DT Pro?

Hello All:

I’m writing a novel using a workflow that includes DevonThink Pro, DevonAgent, NoteShare, Scrivener and Nisus Express. (See it as a process of increasing distillation and honing.)

Does each item tucked away in DevonThink Pro have the equivalent of a path? Scrivener allows me to link to information in other appls by creating reference links. This works well with NoteShare because each cell of an outline has a unique “URL” that Scrivener can use as a link. This mean I can jump to a single entry in a 100-page NoteShare outline from within Scrivener.

I’d very much like to do the same thing in terms of Scrivener and DevonThink Pro. Is there a way of ascertaining the paty to individual DT Pro items?

Thanks in advance.

I found no way to do this, which is why I took all pdfs and media files out of DT and put them into finder folders, so I can use them as references in Scrivener projects or wherever else they are needed. I have my pdfs indexed in DT so I can still view them there, house them there, and perform searches.

Other files such as rtfs I just have to duplicate if I have them stored in DT, which I usually do.

If there is another way to do this, then I too would be quite interested.

That’s not yet possible but will come.

Thanks for the quick, definitive response, Christian.

Just wanted to mention to all those who use DT + Bookends, and were looking for greater interaction: the 9.2.1 release of BE now allows for plain text URLs of its individual references. So, you can go to BE, get the URL in plain text, and paste it into the URL pane (in the Info Pane, option+shift+I) of a DT file or group. Then, if you ever want the bibliographic info of a given DT file or group, all you have to do is launch it through ctrl+option+O.

Now, for that tight integration, all we need is the ability to do this for DT as well; i.e. have a URL for groups/folders, files, and sheets/records within DT (and not just those in the somewhat accessible “Files” folder in the database package). Looking forward to this in 2.0 (or before if 2.0 is still far off…) :wink:


I definitely second this notion. In my mind this is how I see myself making use of this implementation:

Every PDF article that I have attached to a BE citation will be moved into DT (not just indexed like it is now). I will take the BE URL for the citation and put it into the URL metadata of the file, and will also take the abstract of the citation and put it in the comments. Then I will take the URL for the DT item and place it in the URL field of the BE citation so that they can quickly go back and forth. I am hoping that I will be able to name each file/folder according to my BE custom format, i.e author name, “title,” journal #(date): pages. It sounds like Jon at Bookends will be updating the naming scheme for attached articles. I will choose to attach the article but not move it anywhere, that way BE will name it for me.

I’ll do the exact same thing with books, only i’ll make the link to a folder in which notes will be held. If there are extensive notes for a PDF article, I’ll make it a folder as well.

This would effectively move all note-taking and searching to DT, leaving BE strictly for citation info and formatting.

Add to this the fact that the Redlers have indicated they are looking into Mellel integration with DT, and I’m one happy camper.

Now if there could just be a way to automate this process a little bit…