Item links in the Links Inspector: a small problem

This is about two markdown documents (“Document 1” and “Document 2”). (Both are, in fact, individual daily diary entries.)

Document 1 contains two identical DEVONthink item links to Document 2. However, the text of those links is different. For example:

…working hard with [one of my old scripts](x-devonthink-item://blah-blah-blah) in DEVONthink…

…the day [the temperature here reached 38°C](x-devonthink-item://blah-blah-blah)

(x-devonthink-item://blah-blah-blah) refers to Document 2 in both cases.

However the Links inspector shows only one of those “links” (i.e., the text of first one to occur in Document 1). Might it be possible for DEVONthink in fact to appreciate that the links, taken as a whole, are not identical and show both?

(I’m sure this is an entirely unreasonable request in programming terms—for which I apologise in advance.)


Interesting and the only time I think I’ve heard of someone doing this.
Development will have to assess this.


Thank you (while appreciating it’s merely an “assessment” and nothing may happen!).


Indeed! That would be Criss’ call ultimately but he will surely take a look and have a think on it. :slight_smile:



Did you edit or preview the document?

The document was edited (by a script replacing Day One links with DEVONthink links). Neither before nor after it was edited did the Links inspector show any more than three links. (There were four in the document—two of which were identical in sense they linked to the same document although they were related in the original document to different text.)

To be entirely clear, two of the Day One links in the imported document were identical (although relating to different pieces of text in the document). Only one of those links was shown on import. When I replaced those Day One links with DEVONthink links the Link inspector still displayed only one of the links.

I was viewing the document at all times in the document window in DEVONthink.


But did you view the source or the rendering of the document? Or both?



Fixed for the next release.

Oh that’s really good news: thanks so much, it’s very much appreciated.