Item Links not navigable in DTTG?

I’m clearly doing soemthing incorrectly but I can’t get item links created in DTTG to actually be clickable.

I have a markdown document where I want to create a clickable link.
on my iPad I navigate to the markdown document I want to be the subject of that link long bress to bring up the menu, select share, select copy item link

go back to the markdown document I want the link to appear in

select edit
put the cursor where I want the link to appear
Long press to get the option topaste it
paste the link

The link appears correct with an x-devonthink-item:// etc link but never turns blue and cannot be clicked within DTTG.

both the note to be linked and the note where I want to place the link are markdown notes

So what am I missing?

Please post a screencap of the document with the link pasted. Thanks.

The link that I expect to work is the one under my PKM manual that is just after the test of PKM with different type of link

It looks like this in the document

[PKM_system_requirements] (x-devonthink-item://D2A45F65-309C-4345-AFD1-21321523C4BD)

Not showing up as a link in DTTG nor is it clickable

Jim, might this post be related?

The next release will fix this issue.

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I updated DTTG to the latest version but this is still a problem for me (item links working in DT3 but not DTTG).

Please copy and paste the exact Markdown link you’re using.

I’m not using Markdown. I just copied an item link from DT3 (on my Mac) and pasted it in the Safari address bar (on my iPad). These links look like “x-devonthink-item://----*********”. I remember they used to work on iPad, but they’re not working anymore for some reason… I double checked that these links do work on my Mac for DT3 too.

I’m seeing no issue using item links in Safari in iOS.
When using the item link you should be prompted to open our app, like so…

Does this persist after rebooting your device?

I rebooted my iPad and it works now, thanks!

You’re welcome.
We suggest rebooting devices - Mac and mobile - at least once a week.

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There is space between brackets — ] (

No need space.

Correct. That’s where I was going with my question to @egao too, but it turned out he wasn’t using Markdown :slight_smile: