Item order in DTP Scripts Menu

Is it possible to customize the order of items in the DT Pro Scripts Menu? I notice that in the original set of scripts some folders show the scripts in a customized order based on the first character of the script’s name (which then isn’t displayed), but when I try to rename my scripts (e.g. putting a script called “CLast Day” in the “Smart Group” folder it doesn’t work.

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DEVONthink sorts the Scripts menu by kind (folders before scripts/workflows) and by non-localized filename/foldername (to ensure that all localizations use the same order). Therefore you should be able to modify the order by renaming the script.

Thank you, Christian. But here’s my question: the script in the “Smart Groups” folder that has the name “CLast Week.scpt” in the Finder shows up just as “Last Week” in the Scripts Menu. But when I create a script called “CLast Day.script” it shows up as “CLast Day” (with the “C”). I’d rather it show up as “Last Day.” Is that possible? (Is there somewhere that one sets the non-localized name differently from the localized name?)


The names of the scripts shipped with DEVONthink Pro are “localized” - DT Pro doesn’t always use their filename for the menu, only for sorting. Therefore you have to use “Last Day.scpt”.

Ah, I see. It would be nice if this were user-accessible. Sometimes alphabetical order isn’t the most useful. BBEdit has (had?) a nice approach to its Scripts menu using forms like AA)This Script on Top.scpt.

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I was wondering why the script filenames didn’t match the menu, and found this thread.

If you really want to change how script names are mapped to the menu, you can change a file inside DTP. I found it at:

I’d like to see custom folders at the top. In Keyboard Maestro it’s possible to prefix macro names with 01) which sorts them in the editor and in palettes. Prefixes can be used in DEVONthink too, but in Keyboard Maestro they are invisible in palettes. Could this please be added to DEVONthink?

We’ll consider this for future releases.

Did you quote the wrong post? :slight_smile:

Obviously. Patching the contents of the application package is highly discouraged, this breaks the code signature and therefore might cause alerts by the firewall, break iCloud support or not even run anymore depending on the macOS version.

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