Item stuck in Inbox

In DTTG, I am syncing 9 databases, which has been working perfectly. Suddenly, today, one item that was moved on my Mac to a database from the Global Inbox is now “stuck” in the Inbox in DTTG. When I sync, nothing happens. When I try to move the item to where it belongs, I get a HUD about how an item with that ID already exists in the location.

Suggestion? Hoping not to have to reset sync with all those databases and gigabytes of data…


Is it an email?

It is an email, yes.

Then the email already exists in the location you are attempting to move it into. You can’t do this as it’s already in there and you can’t have records with the same UUID.

It had been moved on my Mac but that didn’t come across. I will just delete it and start over, hopefully that will solve the problem. Thanks.