item will not move

Oftentimes, because of sync issues, I end up with an item remaining in the inbox, which has previously been moved to a folder, which does exist again in the inbox.
Then re-attempting to move the item to the same folder does not work. It is as if the item will not move. But there is no error message stipulating “the item is already there”.

Anybody has seen this ?

This seems to appear when there are multiple competing devices syncing agains the same icloud. It is as if it would be better to shut down some instances of Devonthink and then let them sync one at a time.


Do you use the latest versions on all devices? This should be fixed and we didn’t experience this anymore for quite some time.

Is anything logged to Windows > Log on the Mac?

Yes - UUID Already in Database.

All is stable now.


FWIW, I’ve had this situation a number of times. Symptoms the same, although I’m using Dropbox. I drag the item from the Inbox into a database, and it is copied there, but not removed from the Inbox. I must delete it manually from the Inbox. The log shows the same ‘UUID Already in Database’ message.