Items left to be uploaded

Since upgrading to 3.8.6 I’m getting “items to be uploaded” across a number of databases. As there were some changes to syncing in this release, is this a bug or a feature and how should I deal with it? Syncing currently using iCloud(CloudKit).

What sync method? Apple’s iCloud or CloudKit which is sometimes unreliable for some? Or other? Bonjour, using the local network between devices, is considered fastest and reliable. Perhaps add that also to your suite of sync methods.

iCloud(CloudKit) which has been OK before this 3.8.6 release.

My hunch it’s Apple and not the release. Have to wait, I think, until the Apple sync engine decides to “wake up”. They provide few knobs to turn to control it. Dropbox’s API is “richer” to help DEVONthink’s developers, so is more reliable.

Meantime, to get on with things, use Bonjour if both devices on local network. You can add it without stopping Apple’s CloudKit and waiting for it to kick in for you.

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Thanks. I’ll wait and see with Apple and take your advice about Bonjour

While, waiting, might as well use Bonjour. By that suggestion, I’m hoping and assuming syncing more important to you than hope and waiting.

I use [for grins] icloud kit, drop box and bonjour to sync databases. I also see pending uploads in my databases on occasion. it seems to be more often on indexed databases than not-indexed databases. in any case I can’t use bonjour all the time because I will be in a different state or country.
I agree bonjour seems the most reliable but not always possible to use. Comments like “I’m hoping and assuming syncing more important to you than hope and waiting.” are not useful and are disrespectful.


Does File > Verify & Repair Database report any issues? Or does a toolbar search for item:pending find anything?

  • Do a toolbar search for item:pending.
    • If none, are found, try emptying the trash in DEVONthink.
    • If any pending files found and you don’t need them, move them to the databases’ Trash and empty the trash.
    • If there are pending files you need, are you indexing content?
      • If so, are you indexing from a mounted volume, e.g., a networked drive or external hard drive?
        • If so, is that volume mounted?

Away from my machine now for a couple of days. I’ll do what you suggest when I’m back and post my findings.