items not being auto classified on import

in my preferences settings I have import set to auto classify, yet when I import items (via services or via dragging a url, for example, or via Apple Mail’s message command), they are not being auto classified.

I’m assuming they should be, hence the pref setting.

What’s up?

URLs are never classified. In addition, other items are not automatically classified if there’s no “useful” destination. Therefore automatic classification requires an organized database and a good hierarchy of groups.


What’s the rationale for not auto classifying URLs upon import? I have a pretty good folder structure. So let’s say I have a folder called “Spine Issues” that has 3 articles about sciatic nerve impingement, and I import a URL discussing the same topic. Why shouldn’t it get automatically dumped into the same folder?

The main reason is that the contents of the URL are not known - auto classify does not download them.