Items Not copying into dtpo

When I select a group of files in the Finder and drag them on the dtpo icon or use one of the copy and delete watch folders only a subset of the files actually get copied in dtpo. This behaviour is very annoying, and until I released it was happening I may have lost some files. I am using osx 10.11.2 and dtpo 2.8.8.

Does anyone know what the problem is here, I’ve never had this happen in the past?


Are any of the items you’re dragging aliases, because they won’t import if they are.

Nope; all files, and for a couple years now I have used the same workflow and had no issues.

Does it persist after a machine reboot?

yes, through a reboot and through the last incremental El Capitan update.

I’m not seeing any issues here.
Is it reproducible?
Are they a particular kind of file that’s not importing?

I thought at first pdf. It seems to only occur for a “large” number of files, meaning 3-4 works, but 5-7 no. The files are usually a mix, and I believe always some pdfs. It should be of no relevance that they are in a folder that syncs to Dropbox (that has never been a problem in the past). The behaviour seems consistent, not intermittent. Originally I would have an action folder that would run the copy and delete script; when I saw it was messing up I tried a couple times dragging to the icon, and it still occurs. My databases have been recently verified and are good, and the rest of my machine seems sensible.

Check Window > Log for any errors that might have been reported.

That copy does not show in Log view (other action since); can I go backwards a few hours in the log (maybe using Console?).


When you drop the files on the dock icon, are you choosing a destination or is it going to an inbox (controlled by Preferences > Import > Destination) ?

I’ll continue to try and replicate it here but I’ve had no luck so far.

All my files go to the Global Inbox; I typically have 5 data bases open.