Items saved to Global Inbox not showing straight away

Hi all,

I’ve encountered a minor, but extremely frustrating, problem with DTPO of late. I have the Global Inbox added to Places in Finder so that I can save PDFs directly from online databases there for filing later. However recently, if I have DT open while I’m doing this, any new items I save to the Inbox this way won’t show up until I completely quit DT and re-open. Given that I tend to have DT open most of the time while working and like to switch between databases and DT for filing and to check what I’ve already collected, this is slowing my workflow down substantially.

I’ve verified my database and everything seems to be okay and I’ve optimised as well. Has anyone else encountered anything like this, or does anyone have any suggestions as to how this might be fixed?

Thanks, Dan

There should be only a minor delay (few seconds) after adding items to the global inbox. This delay is necessary as there’s no notification by the filesystem that a job (e.g. a save/copy/move operation) is complete.