It's there! DTTG 2.0 is in the store ...

…Congrats Boys. But about the Icon wie have to talk :wink:

Great! Thank you very much for this great tool !!!

First sync is running…

Congratulations guys!

Excellent! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Congratulations, but… this version is filled with bugs! Syncing is not working properly, the app crashes a lot, you have to spend extra cash for extra few features… Disappointed!

This is not the place to file bug reports. Again, please start a Support Ticket.

Is this the place to ask where the iCloud sync is - cannot find it within DTTG 2.0 - even paid anther 5 bucks for premium.

There is no iCloud Sync in DTTG2. At this time it’s technologically not feasible for use with our app. This is also noted in the Help for DEVONthink.

But there is an option to do so in the desktop app.

iOS ≠ OS X. These are two different operating systems.

Sorry Bluefrog, but I think that the forum is a good place to discuss bugs among customers. In fact the discussion could be useful as you can see from the bug about the text editor that maybe solved (at least temporarily). See the relative discussion.

An “it crashes all the time” is not talking about alleged bugs. We need things like that reported through the correct channels so they can be tended to more effectively. Thanks.

Just bought it, set up was easy-peasy, no problems. Love it.

After six hours of trial and error: It works with Magenta Cloud. Seems to be more a German thing here which is ok for me. It does not work with Drobox and both with 2FA enabled.

Nevertheless I expect after a few years waiting just to switch on iCloud - and not spending my 20 years of IT experience in order find out how a sync could be set up the next couple of weeks.

Guys, I spend a larger amount of money for DTTG 1 that never really worked, than I waited another two years for an update which - let me say it straight - is a disappointment. I also bought the premium package for another 5 bucks.

I believe you do not have too much time to fix this … without losing reputation.

Thanks @danlandrum! :smiley:

I synched through bonjour (at least that’s what I think I did). On my iPhone, I do not see anything in the Inbox for the one database I have on the phone. I can see the items in Bonjour, not not on the iPhone. Any suggestions?

I did buy the $5 upgrade, but do I need it buy it separately for the iPad?

You should be able to Restore Purchases on your iPad and get the upgrade.

@Anna: Please start a Support Ticket. Thanks.

For one, I find value in bugs and other questions/issues being posted here. And if something posted here warrants a support ticket, Customer Relations ought to have the ability to simply escalate it to a support ticket.

We can all benefit from know what issues others are experiencing and thereby determining if this product is appropriate for a particular application.


Well said! I thing developers should look on the questions posted on the forum instead of suggesting to Open a Support Ticket.