Japanese file names 'white-out'

I’m Japanese and my database has a lot of files that have Japanese file names.
Recently, I upgraded DEVONthink to 1.9.3. I found that when browsing in column view, the font color of Japanese file names turns white and they look dissapeared in front of white background. (The color of English file names stays black.)
This problem occurs only when column mode.

And there’s another problem when column mode. The option, “Alternating row colors in views”, won’t work. Every row color is white when column mode.

Yes, it’s a strange bug. The document (or group) title is visibile in all views, but when you switch to Columns view and click anywhere in the list of documents, the title disappears immediately. You can only see it “in reverse” if you select the document.

It also happens with documents and groups with Chinese titles.